Vietnamese enterprises are running 128 valid investment projects in Cambodia with a combined registered capital of more than 3 billion USD, according to the Ministry of Planning and Investment.

Agro-fishery projects account for 50.58 percent of the funding, energy 27.05 percent, banking-finance and insurance 8.7 percent, and telecommunications 5.1 percent.

Vietnam and Cambodia share a borderline of more than 1,000 kilometres, with 10 international border gates, 12 main and 25 auxiliary checkpoints and nine border gate economic zones. These help facilitate two-way trade and investment activities.

The investment climate in Cambodia has become increasingly attractive thanks to the incentives designed for investors. Specifically, foreign investors are immune from paying income tax from their first operation for 6-9 years, after which they will have to pay corporate income tax at only 20 percent.

Additionally, investors in Cambodia are exempted completely from tax when transferring the profits back to their homeland.

The Cambodian Government has planned to lure investment inflow in its agriculture, infrastructure, banking, and telecommunications sectors.-VNA