Nearly 1,000 factories with over 65,000 workers have contributed to raising the export turnover of Cambodia’s garment and leather footwear industries to over 6 billion USD in 2014.

Cambodian Minister of Labour and Vocational Training lth Somheng said in a statement that in the year, Cambodia saw a significant increase in the number of factories producing garments and leather shoes compared to the previous years.

Together with agriculture and tourism, the garment and leather footwear industries are among the country’s staple economic sectors with their key exporting markets including the EU and the US.

In a bid to achieve an economic growth of 7 percent by 2015, Cambodia is introducing policies to call for more foreign investments in garment, leather footwear, rice production, exported farm produce and tourism.
In addition, the country is attracting foreign investments in mining and petroleum by publicly tendering for packages on oil and gas exploration by 2015.-VNA