Cambodia saw a 34 percent increase in dry rubber export in 2013, according to the Cambodian Ministry of Commerce.

In the year, the country exported 74,200 tonnes of dry rubber, raking in 170 million USD, up 6 percent from 160 million USD of the previous year.

Mok Kimhong, President of the Cambodian Rubber Association, said rubber demand is still on the rise, but the price is still on a downward trend.

According to him, a tonne of dry rubber costs about 2,200 USD this week, sharply down from 3,290 USD at this time last year.

Main importers of Cambodia's dry rubber include China, the Republic of Korea, Singapore, Malaysia, and some European countries.

The country’s rubber tree area is about 300,000 hectares, of which 55,000 hectares are to be yielded.-VNA