Cambodia's trade volume with foreign countries amounted to 15.9 billion USD in 2013, up 18 percent compared with 13.4 billion USD in a year earlier.

Xinhua News Agency cited a report of the Cambodian Commerce Ministry as saying that the country had exported products in equivalent to 6.9 billion USD last year, a year-on-year increase of 26 percent.

On the import side, the country had imported goods in equivalent to 9 billion USD last year, up to 14 percent from 7.9 billion USD in a year earlier.

Kang Chandararot, president of the Cambodia Institute of Development Study, has said the increase in trade volume was a good sign for the country's economy.

Cambodia's major trading partners are the United States, European countries, China, Thailand, Vietnam, Singapore, Malaysia, Japan and the Republic of Korea .

The imported products included garment raw materials, petroleum, construction materials, automobiles and motorcycles, food and soft drinks, pharmaceutical products and cosmetics.-VNA