Campaign calling for public involvement in COVID-19 fight launched hinh anh 1Illustrative image (Photo: The Ministry of Health)

Hanoi (VNA) - The Ministry of Health (MoH) in conjunction with eight other units launched a communications campaign to run from August 6 to September 30 to raise public awareness about the importance of implementing COVID-19 preventive measures and adopting healthy practices amid the pandemic.

The campaign calls for people from all social strata to fully implement disease prevention and control measures, adopt appropriate lifestyles, and live a normal life to both effectively combat the pandemic and restore and develop the economy.

It also aims to convey a message of solidarity and calls for action and support for those in the community that may be vulnerable.

The campaign features activities such as dialogues with psychologists, experts, and influencers in society on how to change mindsets and form new habits while living with the disease.

The campaign encourages people to participate in the challenge “How did you fight COVID-19?” to share their experience and optimism via the MoH’s social networking forums and other media platforms and software.

The programme has been supported by hundreds of artists, singers, actors, and others to spread a message about disease prevention and control in many different forms, including online music, music videos, rapping competitions, games, online exchanges, reports, and articles.

Acting Health Minister Nguyen Thanh Long said that via the campaign the ministry hopes to raise public awareness, especially among young people, and to fully implement measures to prevent and combat COVID-19.

It is hoped to encourage people to take care of others and calls on every citizen to act as a soldier in the fight against the disease.

Residents can make health declarations online and download the NCOVI app at; regularly determine their health status; and install the Bluezone app at to be warned about the risk of SARS-CoV-2 infection from others.

The campaign also called on the community to not discriminate against COVID-19 patients or those suspected of being infected./.