Vietnam ’s campaign to “Study and Follow Ho Chi Minh’s moral example” will focus on the late president’s ideology and morals regarding Party building work as it continues on its course in 2010.

This was agreed at a meeting of the Central Steering Committee for the Campaign in Hanoi on January 4.

Addressing the meeting, Party General Secretary Nong Duc Manh, who is head of the Central Steering Committee, cited the outcome of a survey as saying that the campaign had caught the full attention of the public.

The campaign has become more effective and has produced some practical outcomes as it has been carried out creatively in many localities, according to the Party chief.

He continued to underscore the importance of State leaders, management officials and party members at all levels demonstrating their credibility to advance the campaign.

“Officials in senior positions should be truly exemplary and do what they say they are going to do” Manh emphasised.

Since it was launched three years ago, the campaign has brought visible changes in the awareness of both Party members and the nation’s citizens in the way they live and work according to the late President’s doctrine, heard the meeting.

The campaign has evolved into a movement where people use the late President Ho Chi Minh as a moral example when contributing to building and defending the motherland.

The participants agreed that the leadership of the Party’s committees, sub-steering committees and the heads of offices at all levels was extremely important and decisive in encouraging all the people to take part in the campaign./.