The "Changing Attitudes toward Market and State 2014" report (CAMS 2014) released by the Vietnam Chamber of Commerce and Industry (VCCI) and the World Bank on July 23 in Hanoi revealed positive citizen perception.

Among the 1,600 people who participated in the report survey, 89 percent showed strong support for the market economy model, 71 percent supported private ownership in the economy and 94 percent demanded transparency in policy planning and implementation procedures in Vietnam.

The report revealed that many respondents had high opinions of public services provided by the private sector such as health, education, notary and public transport. About 99 percent agreed that the State should allow some public services to be fulfilled by the private sector.

Chairman of the VCCI Vu Tien Loc said the CAMS report reflected the business community and various groups of individuals’ perception of the country’s transition towards a market economy and proved that reforms have met the aspirations of people and enterprises.

The report, Loc said, also disclosed some notable discoveries such as the huge expectations of the role of the State in supervising prices.

Loc stressed the results of CAMS 2014 will be important indicators for policy makers and research units to work out action plans to drive the national economy in a right direction while helping to improve Vietnamese citizens’ living conditions.-VNA