The Ministry of Justice on September 18 launched a seven-year National Legislative Development Project which is expected to help speed up the reform of law-making process and improve the quality of economic legislation in Vietnam.

The project, funded by the Canadian Government, is the result of a Memorandum of Understanding signed by Vietnam and Canada in June 2010 and will contribute 15 million Canadian dollars (14.5million USD) to the legislative revamp.

Speaking at the workshop launch on September 18, project manager Isabeau Vilandre said that the project will address the issues of quality, consistency and transparency within the law-making process to make legislation more effective and better implemented at both central and provincial levels.

Deputy Minister of Justice Dinh Trung Tung said that Vietnam has been making efforts to improve its legal framework to build up a law-based State.

"The need to make new legal documents or revise existing ones, especially with more participation from citizens, becomes more urgent at a time when the country is to approve its revised constitution," he said.

Under the project, the Ministry of Justice and other economic ministries will offer support to improve capacity in fields including strategic planning processes, policy research and impact assessments, as well as engaging in consultation with citizens and the private sector throughout the legislative development process.

The project will also focus on the consolidation and revision of the 2004 and 2008 law on Promulgation of Legal Normative Documents by the People's Councils and the People's Committees, the revised legislation is expected to be adopted in 2015.

The Canadian Bar Association, Ontario Justice International, the Ministry of the Attorney General of Ontario, one of Canada's biggest provinces, and law firm Stikeman Elliott LLP will help and share their experience with Vietnamese partners.-VNA