Thai Minister of Public Health Pradit Sintawanarong has expressed his concerns over the current situation of cancer as the number of Thai people killed by the disease rises to 60,000 yearly.

The Minister has introduced a ‘five to do and five not to do’ list in order to prevent the deadly disease. He recommended the public exercising regularly, at least three times a week with at least 30 minutes a session, consuming vegetables and fruits at least half a portion of each meal, eating a wide variety of foods, paying regular visit to doctors and easing the pressure off oneself.

The five not to do things, according to Dr. Pradit, are smoking, having multiple sexual partners, drinking, being exposed to the sun for an extended period of time, and consuming raw fresh water fish. He said these are the most dangerous ways to induce cancer.

He also said that out of the yearly 60,000 deaths, most of them are male and their most common cancer is related to liver, followed by bowel, anus, prostate and Lymphoma. As for females, breast cancer remains the number one threat, followed by cervix, liver, lung, bowel and anus cancers.

Pradit urged the public to regularly pay visit to doctor, even if they do not have any sign of illnesses, while imploring residents to be on the lookout for the seven signs of cancers: irregular excretory activities, persistent constipation, strong stench when passing wind, persistent wounds, multiple hardened muscle spots, persistent coughing and bleeding from anus, and vulva.-VNA/NNT