A special evening of entertainment entitled “Vietnamese Night” took place in the city of Cannes in France on May 15 with nearly 500 film producers, representatives from international film festivals and reporters attending.

The evening was jointly organised by the Vietnam Film and Photography Department and the Vietnam Media Corporation as part of the 63rd Cannes Film Festival, which began on May 12 and runs until May 23, to announce the first Vietnam International Film Festival scheduled for October 17-21.

The three-hour event screened trailers and promos of prestigious films such as “Endless Field” (Canh dong bat tan), “Don’t Burn” (Dung dot) and “Adrift” (Choi voi).

Jeremy Segay, one of the judges at the Cannes Films Festival expressed his surprise at the number of visitors attending the event, saying that it proves a lot of people are impressed with Vietnamese cinema.

Meanwhile Juliane Grieb, a representative from the Berlin Film Festival said that many people have high hopes for this years Vietnamese International Film Festival as this is the first time the international movie industry have had the opportunity to find out more about Vietnamese movies.

“We hope that more Vietnamese films will be shown at the Berlin Film Festival in a near future,” she added.

After the event, Vietnam’s Film Festival and the Pusan Film Festival signed a memorandum of understanding on cooperating together in the future./.