The Cao Dai Bach Y, a sect of Caodaism, held a congress for the 2012-2017 period at Ngoc Kinh church, Mong Tho commune, Chau Thanh district in the southern province of Kien Giang on March 7.

More than 250 delegates representing 14 sub-parishes from the region attended the fourth congress.

The congress elected Principal Archbishop Tran Van Huynh as Head of the Standing Committee for the 2012-2017 term.

the previous term, Cao Dai Bach Y dignitaries and followers have strictly abided by State laws and policies, and studied the ethical example of President Ho Chi Minh while practising their religion.

also presented rice, clothes, free medical examinations and treatment to the poor worth almost 2.2 billion VND and built bridges, roads and houses worth more than 8.1 billion VND in total.

In the next term, the sect plans to continue to promote religious unity, implement State laws and policies to prevent social evils and superstitions, and participate in charitable and social activities.-VNA