As many as 30,000 followers of Cao Dai sects have enjoyed a great feast of the Supreme merrily at the Tay Ninh Holly See in the southern province of Tay Ninh on Feb. 10.

At the one of their most important rituals, Cao Dai followers sent prayers for peace and favourable weather for the country to their Supreme during the feast which is annually held on the eighth day of the first lunar month.

The first part of the feast reserved for festive performances of lion and dragon dances which saw the participation of hundreds of performers, processions of girls in unique costumes of the region, and performance of traditional musical instruments.

Later, Cao Dai followers in their traditional long white dress carried out rites in honour of their Supreme.

Vietnam is a multi-religious country, with 80 percent of its population having beliefs, of whom 22.3 million people are followers of different religions, and 25,000 religious establishments and places of worship.

More than 2.4 million people are followers of various Cao Dai sects./.