The Cao Dai religion has a stipulation that all male and female followers wear long white dresses, which is a very special feature of the religion.

After entering the religion, Cao Dai followers, male or female, rich or poor, are required to wear a long white dress. Men also wear a black scarf when going to ritual ceremonies and even when worshiping at home.

In the Cao Dai religion, white has a very deep meaning, symbolising simplicity, spiritual purity, and religious qualities.

When wearing the white outfits, Cao Dai followers keep in mind that they are presenting an image of a Vietnamese person, of their own religion.

At a meeting with dignitaries from Cao Dai churches and organisations in Hanoi, State President Nguyen Xuan Phuc emphasised that it is a religion of the country and that it originated in Vietnam.

In the process of development, the Cao Dai religion has contributed to preserving and enriching traditional cultural values and upholding a spirit of solidarity, gathering together dignitaries and believers to accompany the country. And it choosing the traditional “ao dai” is convincing proof of this statement./.