More than 400 cyclo driver traffic violations have been punished in the last 20 days of traffic safety month, according to Hanoi Police.

Tran Ngoc Anh, head of the Police Consultancy Department, said the main violations were traveling on roads forbidden to cyclos, parking in the wrong places, running traffic lights and driving in a long queue.

The municipal People’s Committee decided on only two routes for cyclos to take.

The first is Yen Phu-Cua Bac-Nguyen Tri Phuong-Hanoi Citadel.

The second is Yen Phu-Tran Nhat Duat-Tran Quang Khai-Ngo Quyen-Trang Tien-Dinh Tien Hoang-Le Thai To-Hang Dau-Hang Khay-Cau Go.

There are only two pavements, Yen Phu and Tran Quang Khai, that cyclos are now allowed to park.

The new regulations also prevent cyslos from traveling in long queues.

A maximum of five cyclos in a group with 100m from the first to the last is now allowed.

The Department of Transport said these were the rules most commonly violated, mainly due to the fact that only half of the 1,000 cyclos in Hanoi were licensed.

Those that were licensed were managed by four main enterprises: Huy Phong, Lam Anh, Van Hoa and Sans-Souci.

Dinh Van Thang, an independent cyclo driver waiting for passengers on Ly Thai To Square near Hoan Kien Lake , said he had to wait there to get passengers although it was not a allowed.

The drivers in cyclo enterprises had more advantages than him because they had parking lots and access to a larger number of passengers, he said.

Do Anh Thu, director of Sans-Souci Cyclo Enterprise, the most famous cyclo operator in Hanoi, said her business held guidance courses on traffic laws for cyclo drivers as well as strict management procedures to ensure the safety of passengers and drivers.

The company also had a strict reward and punishment system for those who obeyed the laws and those who violated them, Thu said.

Nguyen Huu Thu, director to Huy Hoang Cyclo Enterprise, said the companies also controlled cyclo operations on the narrow streets of the Old Quarter to ensure free flow of traffic.

The directors also agreed that if other cyclo drivers wished to joint the enterprises, they would be welcome.

Department of Transport deputy director Nguyen Hoang Linh said that to minimise traffic violations, it was necessary for cyclo drivers to operate in a group, an association or enterprises so that they could be managed./.