The sales of domestically assembled cars in February jumped 72 percent from the same period last year, according to the Vietnam Automobile Manufacturers Association (VAMA).

This is the 11th consecutive month when the industry’s sale volume has been higher than the corresponding period 12 months earlier, according to the association, which is comprised of the country's 18 leading car makers.

Consumers bought more than 7,300 vehicles last month, including 4,509 cars and 2,805 trucks.

With the January figures included, about 18,400 units were sold, up 39 percent year on year.

The booming demand before the Lunar New Year holiday and the attractive discounts offered by automakers has helped increase sales, industry insiders said.

It is forecast that at this momentum, total sales can reach 120,000 units for 2014, a growth of 9 percent over 2013.-VNA