Cardiovascular diseases high in Vietnamese youths hinh anh 1Illustrative image (Source: Internet)
Hanoi (VNA) – Vietnam has recorded an increasing number of young people suffering from cardiovascular diseases, which kill 200,000 people per year, heard a workshop in Hanoi on July 20.

According to Director of the Vietnam National Heart Institute Do Doan Loi, the situation is attributable to objective reasons like physical inactivity, drinking alcohol and smoking, and subjective ones including stress and pressure of living.

The institute has examined and treated a great number of patients between 25-40 years old in recent years, including many acute myocardial infarction cases under 40 years old.

A study conducted by the Institute of Nutrition under the Ministry of Public Health shows that up to 25.9 percent of people aged between 25-74 are at high risk of ill health and about 40 percent of surveyed people in urban areas are in the group.

The proportion of the population having lipid and glucose metabolism disorders are much higher in urban areas compared to those in other areas, also 44.3 percent of the population between 25-74 in urban areas suffering from high cholesterol.

The high cholesterol is the result of an inappropriate diet, leading to overweight and obesity, thereby causing arteriosclerosis and high blood pressure - the leading causes of cardiovascular diseases.

According to the World Health Organisation, cardiovascular disease is among the major causes of deaths in the world, especially in developing countries. Recent reports said the number of people having heart-related diseases in developing countries is higher than in developed ones, with a strong increase in the young people.

Speaking at the event, Deputy Heath Minister Nguyen Viet Tien recommended the people to have appropriate dietary and physical activities in order to preventing the disease.-VNA