People's Artist Trong Khoi passed away on Mar. 14 in Hanoi at the age of 69 after succumbing to heart disease.

Born in the capital in 1943, Khoi graduated from the Drama College became an artist at the Vietnam Drama Theatre before being promoted to theatre director.

Khoi was also the former chairman of the Vietnam Association of Drama Artists and director of the International Theatre Institute Vietnam which is a member of ITI.

After many years devoted to the national drama sector with many impressive roles in popular dramas and movies, Khoi was honoured as a People's Artist in 2000.

"Trong Khoi is a talented artist who devoted his life to theatrical art. He was a kind-hearted man who loved not only his colleagues but also all other people," said script writer Dang Chuong, deputy head of the cultural ministry's Performing Arts Department.-VNA