Cement exports in the first seven months of the year registered impressive growth, posting a year-on-year increases of 63.2 percent in volume and 73.4 percent in value.


According to the General Department of Customs, export prices of cement and clinker grew 6.3 percent to reach an average 37.2 USD per tonne.

Bangladesh was the largest consumer of Vietnamese cement and clinker, spending 152.8 million USD on 4.75 million tonnes of the building materials, accounting for 23.3 percent and 26.9 percent in Vietnam’s total cement export quantity and value, respectively.

Notably, export revenue earned from China was 90 times higher than that gained in the same period last year, with 158.35 million USD. The market consumed 4.52 million tonnes of Vietnamese cement and clinker, an 80-fold increase, becoming the second largest purchaser of the goods.-VNA