Illustrative Image (Source: VNA)

Dak Lak (VNA) – Unsettled free migrants from northern provinces have caused a series of problems in Central Highlands’ provinces, particularly in Dak Lak and Dak Nong, where their populations are highest, reported the regional steering committee.

More than 38,000 households, mainly ethnic people from northern border localities, were estimated to have resettled in the region without prior planning; therefore, they have yet to settle in. In Dak Nong alone, 11,209 households or over 51,000 people have not yet been accommodated.

Thousands of them, even worse, are living in makeshift shelters deep in local forests. Difficult living conditions with inadequate livelihoods has led these people to poach and carry out other illegal activities, triggering local insecurity.

There is a shortage of resettlement funding, and a lack of long-term policies and measures to handle the issue at its core, said the steering committee.

Dak Lak has devised 17 projects worth some 811 billion VND (36.5 million USD) to assist unplanned resettlement, aiming at resettling 6,527 households or 32,635 migrants.

However, most of those projects remain unfinished due capital shortage.

Since 2006, they have annually received 30 billion VND (1.35 million USD) from the Government, while their infrastructure costs require at least 90 billion VND (4.05 million USD) per year.-VNA