The Central Highlands provinces are expected to produce 1.3 million tonnes of coffee bean this crop, an increase of 600,000 tonnes against the previous crop.

According to the Central Highlands Region Steering Committee, farmer households and coffee production businesses in the area have actively prepared for the start of the November harvesting season, ensuring high-quality products for export
Coffee producers in the region have recruited more workers and strengthening management while households and businesses have begun renovating thousands of coffee processing facilities to improve output quality.

Moreover, the provinces have also prepared thousands of square meters of land for drying grounds and warehouses, repaired traffic systems, as well as bought hundreds of thousands of new sacks and transportation means.

The coffee plantations in the Central highlands currently cover an area of over 561,000 ha. Dak Lak province, the key coffee growing area in the region, is expected to reap 462,433 tonnes of coffee bean from its 190,208 hectares, an increase of 30,000 tonnes against last year’s crop./.