Food production in the Central Highlands region experienced a robust year with the highest ever recorded output of 2.56 million tonnes in 2014, representing an increase of 100,000 tonnes from the previous year, according to the Steering Committee for the Central Highlands.

Dak Lak led the five egional provinces with nearly 1.24 million tonnes, followed by Gia Lai with 568,000 tonnes.

The results were attributed to a number of measures taken by the provinces, such as the enlargement of cultivation areas to over 238,000 hectares and investment in 2,000 water resource constructions.

In addition, farmers brought hybrid and certified rice varieties such as ML48, OM900, CT16 and HT1 into mass production, helping to generate high yields.

A number of workshops were organised to introduce new hybrid rice and corn varieties, cultivation techniques, and pilot large-scale field models as well as to connect farmers, businesses, scientists, and managers.

Thanks to these efforts, the region has not only ensured food security but also produced enough to export and sell to other provinces, thus increasing the farmers’ income and improving the quality of their life.

Local farmers are currently planting winter-spring crops and upgrading water resource systems serving the cultivation of rice and farm produce to further increase productivity.-VNA