In 2015, the Central Highlands aim to maintain social and political stability as well as enhancing economic growth, as said at a conference held in Buon Ma Thuot City, Dak Lak province on January 27.

To realise these targets, the regional steering committee has concentrated on monitoring the effective implementation of several local development projects. The committee has also called for more favourable policies to support major local products, particularly in agriculture, forestry and tourism.

It is working to devise an efficient mechanism to bolster the mobilisation of funds for transport and other public infrastructure improvements. Some of the region’s key projects include upgrading Pleiku airport and building the Ho Chi Minh road.

Managing migrant populations and properly handling shortcomings in hydropower projects are also key 2015 priorities.

In 2014, the Central Highlands’ total GDP increased by 8.74 percent with an annual export revenue exceeding 2.5 billion USD.-VNA