The Party Central Committee’s Commission for Organisation held a national conference on Party-building work in Hanoi on Jan. 10.

Participants at the two-day conference said that boards and agencies relating to organisational and personnel work have been active in providing consultancy to relevant agencies regarding the implementation of the 11th Party Resolution, resolutions of Party committees at all levels and the Party Statute, especially on new and difficult issues.

Party organisational boards at all levels assisted Party committees in guiding the preparations and organisational work for elections of the 13th National Assembly and people’s councils at levels, as well as the implementation of personnel work after the 11th Party Congress, the conference said.

The Central Organisation Commission has played well its consulting role in the drafting and implementation of projects relating to renovation of personnel recruitment, the planning, training and use of young, female, ethnic minority cadres and national programmes on personnel training.

More attention was given to the building and strengthening of Party organisations at grassroots levels in combination with building grassroots political systems and the contingent of Party members.

In 2012, the sector should focus on providing consultancy and instructions on work relating to the building and strengthening of the Party organisations and the political system at grassroots levels as well as the contingent of Party members, the conference said.

The sector will also increase inspection of the implementation of the Central Committee’s policies, resolutions, directions, regulations, guidelines on Party-building work, and continue improving the quality of the contingent of cadres and agencies working in the sector./.