Central Quang Tri to have new economic zone hinh anh 1Cua Viet town in the southeast Quang Tri Economic Zone (Source: thoibaonganhang)

The central province of Quang Tri will develop an economic zone in its southeastern area with a view of making it a breakthrough to achieve a robust economic growth.

The establishment of the Southeast Quang Tri Economic Zone (EZ), which was designed to become an international trade exchange centre with economic activities to be potentially connected with the East-West Economic Corridor, was approved by the Prime Minister in the September 16 decision.

The new EZ, covering nearly 23,900 hectares spanning 17 communes in the southeast districts of Hai Lang, Trieu Phong, and Gio Linh, will house industrial zones, office blocks, residential areas, tourism-services and port areas.

It is expected to fully tap available potentials to serve socio-economic development, national defence and security protection of the province and the whole central region.

Quang Tri was one of the most devastated localities during the Vietnam war and often suffers great losses from severe weather conditions such as storms, floods and whirlwinds.

However, it recorded an economy growth of 6.7 percent and its total budget collection reached nearly 2.4 trillion VND (112 million USD) in 2014.-VNA