The third consultative conference held by the Vietnam Fatherland Front Central Committee on April 15 passed the official list of 182 candidates nominated by central agencies to run for the 13th National Assembly.

Candidates will be given 15 days from May 3-18 to campaign for their bids through voters’ conferences.

Other methods of campaigning are also allowed consistent with law and not later than May 20, which encourages candidates to contact voters to raise public understanding of the candidates and make right choices for the right representatives.

The adoption of the list, however, does not mean the inspection of candidate eligibility will end after the third consultative conference, the Central Elections Council General Secretary Pham Minh Tuyen said at the meeting.

“If any error is later found concerning candidates in the list, the Central Elections Council will reconsider and treat the case regarding candidacy consistent with law,” emphasised Tuyen, who is also Head of the Candidate Eligibility Taskforce.

Even after the elections, the status of an elected NA deputy will be considered and treated in line with the law if that deputy is found to be breaching any of the five qualifications for an NA deputy, he concluded./.