Nguyen Thu Thuy – a Vietnamese artist famous for community art works, has opened a new ceramic street in Hanoi to commemorate the friendship between Vietnam and international friends

The artwork in Nghi Tam street is 18 metres long and 1.6 metres high, featuring the cultural, architectural and natural beauty of Taiwan (China).

It includes the firework showcase on the 101-storey Taipei financial centre building, panda and the Alishan National Forest along with the greenery and trains running on wooden railway.

Taiwan Excellence sponsors the art piece and it is a gift for Hanoians.

Previously, painter Thu Thuy created a mural on stunning natural and cultural beauty of Sri Lanka and initiated a ceramic road project, contributing to deepening the relationship between Vietnam and Venezuela.

With a length of 1,100m, Nghi Tam concrete wall in the future will have about 300m for works that show the solidarity and friendship between Vietnam and international friends.-VNA