A ceremony was held in Hanoi on May 18 to mark the 55 th anniversary of the Ho Chi Minh trial, which played a vital role in Vietnam ’s past military victories, and the Truong Son Soldiers’ Day (May 9).

At the event, hosted by the Truong Son-Ho Chi Minh Trail Tradition Association, participants recalled their memories of a time when they “split Truong Son Mountain Range to save the nation” and the legendary Ho Chi Minh-Truong Son trail.

On May 19, 1959, a “special military mission” with an initial 500 members was assigned the task of opening the route and transport military supplies to assist the southern battlefield during the US war.

The team later became Communications Squad 301, also in charge of transferring officials, soldiers and documents from the north to the south and vice versa.

During 16 years of resolute struggle against uncountable hardships and difficulties, Truong Son soldiers recorded many resounding victories and the route became one of the decisive factors in the final victory of the nation, completely liberating the south and reuniting the country.

Since it was established in May 2011, the Truong Son-Ho Chi Minh Trail Tradition Association has developed its network in all cities and provinces nationwide.

It has built 1,025 houses worth 52.5 billion VND for former Truong Son war veterans and presented 342 scholarships to their children.-VNA