The adjustment of work and school times, amongst a host of new measures to improve the traffic situation in Hanoi , have proved effective.

The conclusion was drawn at a working session between the municipal People's Committee and relevant agencies on Mar. 14 to review the situation one month after the new measures were put in place.

The municipal transport department reported that traffic jams have been reduced by between 5-15 percent during rush hours.

The overall number dropped by 30 percent while that of traffic accidents reduced by 40 percent over the past month.

However, municipal People's Committee Chairman Nguyen The Thao said that, despite positive achievements, traffic jams remain a serious problem on streets such as Truong Chinh, Kim Ma, Ton That Tung and Chua Boc.

The Hanoi Institute of Social and Economic Development Studies proposed that municipal authorities continue studying the efficiency of time adjustments.

A February survey revealed that the measure will only help improve the traffic situation on inner city streets, while having little effect elsewhere as it is incapable of sufficiently reducing vehicle numbers.

The institute proposed flexible solutions for specific areas based on the level of traffic problems in each.

Chairman Thao said that the adjustment of work and school times was only a temporary measure and needed to be applied flexibly to not affect everyday life.-VNA