Lawmakers considered the draft of the revised Law on the Vietnam Fatherland Front (VFF) and the draft Law on the election of National Assembly and People’s Council representatives during the ongoing NA session in Hanoi on November 5.

A number of representatives were in favour of explicitly highlighting the role and position of VFF in the regulation, specifying that it is an organisation that connects the Party and State with the people.

They asked for clarification on how VFF and public-elected bodies exert their respective supervisory functions in order to avoid overlaps.

In a chapter on VFF’s duty to provide comments on social affairs, a representative suggested its purpose, process and involved parties be added.

Regarding amending the Law on the election of National Assembly and People’s Council representatives, the lawmakers called for a list of requirements that needed to be met by would-be NA deputies, making it easier to screen potential candidates.

They also discussed the lobbying process and duration of the voting period, possibly lasting from 7am to 5pm.

Legislators are due to examine a draft proposal to amend and supplement articles of the Law on Vietnam’s People’s Army officers and changes to the draft Law on People’s Public Security.-VNA