The Law on amendments and supplements to some articles of the Law on civil enforcement was adopted by lawmakers during their plenary session in Hanoi on November 25, with 84.1 percent of votes in favour.

A report on acquiring public feedback and adjusting terms of the law was also delivered, with a focus on the tasks and mission of the People’s Courts, the civil enforcement agencies’ responsibility for reporting to People’s Councils, People’s Committees and People’s Courts, among others.

Legislators also discussed in depth the draft revised Civil Code which they said, should clarify the definition of the State and private ownership.

Changes to the Civil Code also specify commercial and non-commercial legal entities. Meanwhile, a lawmaker called for public and non-public legal entities to be included.

Deputies also gave feedback on the timing of determining asset ownership and the application of relevant laws.

They were due to approve amendments to the revised Housing Law and Law on Property Trading, and debate changes to the Law on State budget.-VNA