National Assembly Chairman Nguyen Phu Trong met with Hanoi voters on November 30 to listen to their concerns immediately after the NA eighth plenary session closed.

Trong and other NA deputies from the Hanoi constituency were welcomed by voters with praise on the great improvement in the top legislative body’s performance.

They said its operations are more efficient, deputies’ meetings with voters are geared to more practical matters and NA hearings focus on issues of major concerns.

Voters repeated concerns on hot issues which have stirred up lively debate at the NA sessions, such as the safety and efficiency of the bauxite project in the Central Highlands after the crisis of a mudslide in Hungary, and huge debts by the State-run shipbuilding giant Vinashin.

They also asked the legislative leader about what measures would be taken by the NA to strengthen supervision at the top level, ensure the enforcement of laws regarding land and the harmony of forest land leasing and environmental protection.

Other hot issues included climate change and the national defence.

In regard to law making, voters emphasized quality and asked that laws be quickly enforced after being promulgated.

In this regard, many voters recommended an increase in the number of full-time deputies, arguing that holders of numerous positions would have no spare time for NA operations.

In reply, Trong shared voters’ views, saying along with improving the quality of law making, it is necessary to release follow-up guidance to make sure new laws are enacted soon after promulgation.

Hearings at the National Assembly should be further reformed, focusing on the major issues which draw huge public concern and interest, concluded the NA leader./.