With their energetic and playful nature, children are often injured on a daily basis. To combat health and safety risks among young children, first aid lessons are now being taught at schools to help children learn how to deal with common injuries.

 First aid techniques for children are very important as youngsters often find themselves in minor accidents. Therefore, by equipping children with life-saving knowledge and basic first aid techniques, they are able to help themselves and others. Many schools in Ho Chi Minh City have incorporated first aid lessons either into the curriculum, or in extra curricular activities.

Ho Chi Minh City Red Cross has joined hands with schools to provide lessons on first aid skills for 200 teachers and 10,000 students across 10 schools in the city. The programme aims to provide essential first aid skills for parents and university students in the area.

By reinforcing and providing proper first aid training, children can protect and help themselves even from a young age./.