The Foreign Ministry’s Consular Department on July 6 asked the Chinese Embassy in Hanoi to give reason for China’s arrest of Vietnamese fishing boat QNg 94912 TS with six fishermen on board on July 3.

In reply to domestic and foreign correspondents’ questions on the case, Luong Thanh Quang, Assistant to the Department’s chief and head of the Department’s Section for Protection of Vietnamese Citizens and Legal Entities Abroad, on July 6 said the Department’s representatives had met with the Chinese Embassy in Hanoi earlier on the day and requested the Chinese side to deliver an official notice on the coordinates of the fishing boat when the arrest took place and the reason for the arrest of the Vietnamese ship and fishermen.

Earlier, on July 5, the Foreign Ministry instructed the Vietnamese Embassy in Beijing to urgently contact relevant Chinese agencies to verify information on the incident while taking prompt measures to protect the detained Vietnamese fishermen./.