Overseas Vietnamese around the world have continued holding activities to raise their voices against China’s illegal deployment of its oil rig and a flotilla of ships, including armed and military vessels, to Vietnam’s exclusive economic zone and continental shelf.

About 200 expatriates in Cambodia on May 16 held a meeting in the capital Phnom Penh to protest China’s violation of Vietnam’s sovereignty.

Over the past days, the Vietnamese in Cambodia have showed their anger at China’s provocative act while expressing their support for the government’s peaceful approaches to the issue, Chairman of the Vietnamese Cambodian Association Chau Van Chi said at the meeting, which took place in order.

The protesters later issued a statement demanding China unconditionally and immediately remove its oil rig and surrounding vessels out of Vietnam’s waters, and abide by international law and conventions while affirming Vietnam’s sovereignty over Hoang Sa (Paracel) and Truong Sa (Spatly) archipelagoes.

They also voiced their willingness to join their fellows at home to protect the country.

Meanwhile in France, nearly 2,000 Vietnamese and peace-loving people in the country took on Paris streets on May 16 to show their irritation at China’s perverse act.

They marched through Trocadero Square in Paris downtown, carrying the Vietnamese flag and banners in Vietnamese, English, French and Chinese that asked for China’s withdrawal of its oil rig out of Vietnam’s waters and respect of international law.

“We condemn China’s violation of Vietnamese sovereignty as it went against all the agreements it did sign. We hope that the international community will support our struggle for justice,” said Le Trung Tinh from the protest organising board.

He added that the Vietnamese abroad always stay united with those at home in the protection of national sovereignty.

Helene Luc, Honorary President of the France-Vietnam Friendship Association, who was among French friends taking part in the protest, said she totally opposed China’s invasion of Vietnam’s waters by placing its oil rig deep inside the country’s exclusive economic zone and continental shelf.

She reiterated that the association has issued a statement demanding China stop its provocative actions in the East Sea and take the oil rig out of Vietnam’s waters.

China itself joined the 1982 United Convention on the Law of the Sea and signed the Declaration on the Conduct of Parties in the East Sea (DOC) with ASEAN member countries but its current actions are totally contrary to its commitments as well as the policies of peace and cooperation as it agreed to do with Vietnam, she underscored.

Meanwhile, Andre Mendras, who is the first French person granted with the Vietnamese nationality, condemned China’s attacks targeting the Vietnam Coast Guard.

China’s move is not only meant for Vietnam’s sovereignty, but also the freedom of navigation in the East Sea, said Andre Mendras, who is also known as Ho Cuong Quyet by Vietnamese name.

“As a Vietnamese and a French national, I have to protect international law,” he added.

The same day, the Vietnamese people in localities across France such as Strasbourg, Montpellier and Toulouse also held rallies.

At the same time, the Vietnamese in Mexico voiced objections against China’s illegal act.

Ambassador to Mexico Le Thanh Tung has launched a campaign to support the Vietnam Fisheries Surveillance and Coast Guard.-VNA