China strongly supports Vietnam’s ASEAN chairmanship: ambassador hinh anh 1Ambassador Deng Xijun, head of the Chinese mission to ASEAN (Source: VNA)

Jakarta (VNA)Ambassador Deng Xijun, head of the Chinese mission to ASEAN, affirmed his country’s strong support for Vietnam’s chairmanship of the bloc in 2020 during a recent interview with the Vietnam News Agency.

The Special ASEAN Summit and the Special ASEAN+3 Summit, which gathered leaders of ASEAN countries and China, Japan and the Republic of Korea, on COVID-19 were held online under the chair of Vietnam on April 14.

Ambassador Deng said China has followed closely on the efforts of ASEAN led by Vietnam as the Chair in promoting cooperation in the fight against COVID-19.

According to him, the release of the Chairman’s Statement on ASEAN Collective Response to the Outbreak of COVID-19, and the convening of a series of important special video conferences and meetings among ASEAN member states and among ASEAN 3 countries, including the latest Special ASEAN Summit and Special ASEAN+3 Summit, all demonstrate the strong leadership of Vietnam as the ASEAN Chair and the ASEAN+3 Chair.

He held that these efforts have shown the solidarity and willingness to enhance cooperation of regional countries in this battle and greatly helped with the policy coordination and sharing of information, experience, best practices and technologies, which will eventually bring victory over COVID-19 in the region.

The diplomat also expressed thanks to the Vietnamese government and people for their support and assistance to China after the outbreak of COVID-19, affirming that China is ready to work more closely with Vietnam and other ASEAN member states to safeguard the health security of the peoples in the region.

Regarding the Special ASEAN+3 Summit on the coronavirus disease, Deng said this event was the first special meeting so far among ASEAN+3 leaders since the mechanism was set up, and also the first leaders’ meeting that covers the East Asia region in response to COVID-19.

This milestone in the ASEAN+3 cooperation history highlighted once again the countries’ fine tradition of mutual assistance in times of difficulties, as well as the close bond between each other, he said, noting that held at a challenging time when countries around the world are battling COVID-19, the meeting produced strong political momentum for the collective response of the region.

Ambassador Deng added the consensus reached at the summit made clear both the goal and route to revitalise regional economy after the pandemic, which will greatly boost market confidence, provide strong momentum to economic growth in the region, and contribute to the development of East Asia./.