People often remember Cho Lon (Big Market) as the culinary convergence of Sai Gon with long-standing restaurants.

The market is home to Thien Hau Pagoda, Quan Cong Temple and Minh Huong Communal House where incenses are burned all around year.

It is also where streets of Hong Bang - An Duong Vuong are bustle day and night with An Dong Market, Winsor Hotel, Thuan Kieu Plaza, and Hai Thuong Lan Ong Street with a strong smell of Chinese medicine.

The Sai Gon – Cho Lon Area was changed its name to Sai Gon – Cho Lon City in 1951.

The name was continued changing to Sai Gon City in 1956. Since then, the name "Cho Lon" is only used to refer to the entire area of District 5, District 6 and a part of District 11 of Sai Gon. District 5 and District 6 are the main living areas of ethnic Hoa community in HCM City today./.