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The exhibition takes visitors back to the time over six centuries ago (Photo: VietnamPlus)


Hanoi (VNA) - The exhibition "Thuong tuong Son Dau" opened on November 16 to honour Teacher Chu Van An as Thai Son Mountain, North Star of the Imperial Academy.

On the occasion of Vietnamese Teachers’ Day (November 20) and the 650th death anniversary of Celebrity Chu Van An, the Temple of Literature’s Centre for Scientific and Cultural Activities held an exhibition entitled “Chu Van An – Thuong tuong Son Dau”, introducing photos and materials to the public with two key parts. The first featured his personality and education career and the second highlighted the Temple of Literature, activities honouring Celebrity Chu Van An and upholding his spirit.

The diversity in the forms of expression along with modern display in an open space at the national relic site Temple of Literature is like a picture scroll that takes visitors back to the time more than six centuries ago, said Director of the municipal Department of Culture and Sports To Van Dong.

Chu Van An – eminent teacher of Vietnamese education hinh anh 2Delegates attend the opening ceremony of the exhibition (Photo:VietnamPlus)

Via three spaces introducing his homeland in Thanh Tri, Thang Long – Temple of Literature, and Chi Linh – Place of recluse, visitors will gain a deeper insight into the life and education career of Chu Van An, ancestor of Vietnamese Confucians.

Chu Van An was born in 1292 with the first name Linh Triet, nickname Tieu An, a native of Thanh Dam, now Thanh Liet commune, Thanh Tri district, Hanoi city. As a great teacher of Vietnam, Chu Van An was well-known for his profound knowledge and upright personality.

As a child, he enjoyed reading and self-study. Growing up, he opened a private school in his home village, becoming a great influencer in community-based education development. Under the reign of King Tran Minh Tong (1314-1329), he was appointed as Professor of the Imperial Academy. While taking on the responsibility of the head of the Imperial Academy, he directly taught two future kings, Crown Prince Tran Vuong (later King Tran Hien Tong) and Prince Tran Hao (later King Tran Du Tong).

Scholar Tran Nguyen Dan also hailed him as Thuong tuong Son Dau in education. Chu Van An was the first Professor of the Imperial Academy in history. Under the reign of King Tran Du Tong, Chu Van An submitted “That tram so” to the King, asking for beheading seven sycophantic courtiers. Unanswered, he stepped down and moved to Chi Linh for recluse life and teaching.

Chu Van An – eminent teacher of Vietnamese education hinh anh 3On display are valuable materials at the Imperial Academy (Photo: VietnamPlus)

In 1370, teacher Chu Van An passed away and was worshipped at the Temple of Literature, the highest honour that a monarchic dynasty paid to a scholar-teacher.

The display also introduced the Imperial Academy to the public where Chu Van An used to teach, places of worship, streets and schools named after him, showing later generations’ admiration for him who devoted his whole life to teaching and left a deep influence on Vietnamese education and culture.

The event will last till December 31.

Earlier on November 14, an award ceremony for a competition on Teacher Chu Van An for students in Hanoi and at schools named after him nationwide was held. Launched in July, the contest attracted thousands of students.

Apart from creating a creative and healthy playground, the contest offered students an insight into the life, career and contributions of Teacher Chu Van An to the country's culture and education.

The entries were presented in many forms such as essay, poem, storytelling, cartoon, painting, embroidery and pottery paintings, and calligraphy. In addition to works using modern technology such as making animated movies, editing clips with computers and smartphones, there are also products that children use simple materials such as rice grains, beans, ceramic pieces and scrap papers. With creativity, students turned them into unique and creative works. Works of high quality are also on display at the exhibition./.