Cinemas are becoming bustling with the release of blockbuster Tenet. This is also identical to the previous forecast, as the previous movie Inception is still as “hot” as this movie. 

Almost all screening slots are full. According to the data from the publisher and box offices, Tenet reaches 6 billion VND only after 3 days of launching. 

There are currently no orders to keep the distance at the cinema, but many people still actively keep their distance and wearing masks. 

Officially premiering in Vietnam on August 28th, “Tenet” has proven its attraction even from its early premiere on August 25th. Audiences are flocking to theaters to watch the most desirable movie of the year. 

With the highest number of screening slots today, “Tenet” is arranged more than 2.200 slots per day, and easily earns billions in the first days of its release, according to the cinemas and publishers. The film promises to gain more impressive numbers. 

 “Tenet” is considered to not delve deeply into each character’s personality, individual motives are quite easy to guess, but that doesn’t affect the appeal of the film.

With the impressive and “brain-twisting” plot, a signature characteristic of the British director Christopher Nolan, the movie easily makes audiences excited and willing to spend money to go to the theaters again to get the best experience. 

A week before the release of “Tenet”, “Inception” was released again to “clear the way”. But not only that, “Inception” achieved impressive sales as a new blockbuster, not a 10-year-old movie”.

The video shows that movie theaters are crowded with people awaiting “Tenet”./.