The Vietnam Circus Federation has launched a special performance for the first time combining circus and magic art called "The Great War of Wizards” on the occasion of the Mid-Autumn Festival. Joining the event, magician J who won the highest prize in the 2018 Superhuman Magic Contest has performed stunning magic.

The 90-minute show is about the battle between a good witch and an evil one. The performance ends with victory belonging to the good. For the first time, magic is no longer a single performance on the circus stage but is combined with acrobatics, balancing and juggling.

Talented young magician Nguyen Viet Hoang (magician J) – the champion of a reality television programme plays the good witch against the evil witch with magical transformation on the stage.

The drama also features performer Thu Huong with a giant python in a glass pool. Putting water glass tanks on the stage is quite popular globally. However, in Vietnam, this is the first time this performance has been shown.

The circus performance with the participation of 50 artists and actors of Vietnamese Federation has brought smiles and laughter to the audience, especially the children on the occasion of the Mid Autumn Festival.-VNA