The recent vote of confidence undertaken by National Assembly (NA) deputies to assess the performance of officials elected or selected for positions of power has been greeted positively across Vietnam.

Nguyen Van Cuong, Director of Cuong and Associates Law Firm Limited in Ho Chi Minh City, said that the vote of confidence – the country’s first – was carried out in a democratic atmosphere. He praised the objectivity of the NA deputies and congratulated them for the high sense of responsibility with which they approached their task.

He suggested the vote be conducted more regularly, especially for members of executive and judicial bodies.

Fellow lawyer Vu Lai Bang, a former Supreme People’s Court judge and Head of the Vu Lai Bang Law Office in HCM City , said the results were aligned with the consensus shared by the public.

He described the vote as an important measure to enhance the capacity of officials holding important posts in the State apparatus.

Pham Thanh Binh, a former official of the Popularisation and Information Board of the Hai Phong Party Committee, expressed her happiness at the result of the vote and expressed her view that the process had allowed legislators to exercise the power entrusted in them by the people.

According to Nguyen Anh Tuan, Vice Chairman of the Dak Lak People’s Council, the vote demonstrated the resolve of the Party, NA and Government to build a strong and effective State mechanism from grassroots level up.

He said that Dak Lak, in the Central Highlands, has gained experience and knowledge from the successful NA vote, which it will try to emulate during the upcoming confidence vote of the provincial People’s Council.-VNA