A programme to develop farming based in key farming areas and large-scale animal husbandry in non-residential areas in Hanoi for 2011-15 has reportedly achieved breakthroughs after nearly three years' implementation.

According to the Ha Noi Farming Development Centre, during almost three years, key farming areas have been formed within the city, meeting 60-65 per cent of the Hanoi market's demand for meat.

In addition, the capital has strongly developed large-scale farms in non-residential areas, with over 720 farms for raising pigs and over 2,100 for raising poultry.

In 2012, in particular, the total production of meat of all types in Hanoi reached 385,000 tonnes and the breeding values made up 50 per cent of agricultural production.

The Hanoi Farming Development Centre said the capital was leading the country in raising poultry flocks and animal herds. The total number of cows and buffalos so far reached 240,000, pigs nearly 1.4 million and poultry reached nearly 19 million.

During the past three years, Hanoi has also successfully developed chains of product distributors and promoted stronger brands for its products, according to the Hanoi Farming Development Centre.

Some of the strong brands of Hanoi's farming products cited by the centre are the Ba Vi Milk, which is widely known to consumers nationwide, the Tien Vien eggs with an average daily output of 70,000 eggs, and the organic pork produced by the Bao Chau – Soc Son Farm with 10 distribution stores in central districts.

According to Ta Van Tuong, director of the Hanoi Farming Development Centre, with the aim to promote a strong brand of its own, Hanoi will set up eight more chains for farming and product distribution to reduce the differences in price between farms and distributors.

He added that the city would also need to increase the links between farmers and suppliers of farming material, animal feed and animal medicine as well as product distributors, while also ensuring that the city's products meet hygienic standards.-VNA