“Tiên học lễ hậu học văn”, the old Vietnamese saying which can be literally translated as “Manners first, then knowledge” illustrates the significance of etiquette in daily life. The communicative skills have become more important than ever given the flat world nowadays. Realising Vietnamese people’s, especially youngsters’ demand for protocols and etiquette to effectively adapt to the rapid globalization, a special training class has been organised.

Setting up a dining table, using forks and knives, holding glass…

They are among many principles taught in the lesson of table manner by Etik Academy, an institution specializing in protocol and etiquette.

They may sound simple but in fact, are quite challenging for beginners.

Attending such classes, participants are trained with very detailed postures: from table manners, dress code, hand shake and even how to sneeze properly!

Etiquette schools, or says, charm schools are pretty common in developed countries, especially western countries like Britain and France. However, the model only showed up in Vietnam not long ago.

Given Vietnam has been actively integrating into the world economy, besides tremendous opportunities, local labourers are also facing fierce competition from regional and international countries.

Therefore, it is important for Vietnamese people to improve not only expertise but also communicative skills.

Such courses have captured public attention, especially youngsters, as they know more than anyone else the significance of protocol and etiquette in such a flat world nowadays. –VNA