One of the deadliest storms to hit central Vietnam in years, Typhoon Molave struck coastal areas with heavy rain and gusty winds.

Heavy rain flooded many streets along Hoai River. Hoi An Old Quarter had been flooded 4 times in October. Typhoon Molave rooted trees on the streets, blocking traffic. Fortunately, no human casualties have been reported in the city.

Hoi An experienced storms and floods every year but natural disasters this year left so much destruction. Though Typhoon Molave did not damage Hoi An ancient town's architecture, local people still suffered a great deal from the storm.

Many tourism services were still closed as the hurricane season came right after the lockdown caused by COVID-19 disease. Hoi An locals are no stranger to floods and storms.

As the typhoon passed, they gathered to clean up streets and alleys. Residents helped local authorities removing mud and debrids on streets./.