CNN recommends Hanoi as one of places with world’s best coffee hinh anh 1Vietnamese coffee (Photo: CNN)

Hanoi (VNA) – CNN Travel compiled a list of places in the world where one can find the best coffee in the world on the occasion of the International Coffee Day (October 1), one of which is the Vietnamese capital Hanoi. 

 “Coffee is deep in the DNA of Vietnam, and the country is one of the biggest producers of the beans in the world,” CNN said, noting that one does not have to go far for a fantastic cup in Hanoi.

It warned that visitors should not expect a flat white or an Americano in the city. Instead, coffee is brewed in a traditional filter, dripping into a single cup below, producing a thick, intense brew that is sipped black, or enjoyed with the traditional sweetened condensed milk.

CNN also introduced the local ca phe trung, the egg coffee -- in which a creamy, meringue-like egg white foam is placed on top of a black coffee, which it said is popular on Instagram and with locals.

Coffee shops in the city recommended by CNN include Cafe Giang, Cafe Dinh, Loading T, Cafe Duy Tri and Xofa Cafe & Bistro.

The other places with best coffee in the world are Wellington (New Zealand), Melbourne (Australia), London (the UK), Iceland, Rome (Italy), Singapore, Seattle (the US), Austria and Nigeria./.