Combining economic, defence duties – army’s long-term strategic task hinh anh 1The discussion on the combination of the army's economic and defence activities takes place on July 6 (Photo:

Hanoi (VNA) – Combining economic and defence activities are a long-term strategic task of the army, it was affirmed at a discussion held by Quan doi Nhan dan (People’s Army) daily in Hanoi on July 6.

Maj. Gen. Pham Van Huan, Editor in chief of the newspaper, said the discussion aimed to clarify the Party’s viewpoint on the “three in one” functions of the army, which require it to be ready to fight, to work and to produce.

Prof. Dr Hoang Chi Bao, former member of the Party Central Committee’s Theoretical Council, said the army’s important role in both combat and economic production and development was proved throughout the country’s history. In the post-war period, military-run farms and businesses and workers in the defence industry helped cater for the demand of both the army and the civil life. 

At present, the re-organisation of enterprises, including the equitisation of military-run businesses, aims to perfect the socialist-oriented market economy. It doesn’t mean the military will no longer involve in economic activities; on the contrary it as to do them better, he stressed.

Maj. Gen. Vo Hong Thang, Director of the Defence Ministry’s economic affairs department, said the engagement in economic production and development is to perform one of the three functions that the Party and the State assigned to the Vietnam People’s Army.

In the past, the army conducted production activities to support the resistance wars against France and the US. When the country was reunified, it also took the lead in promoting socio-economic development, especially in rural, border and island areas. Its economic activities have made great strides in recent years, bringing about a number of important outcomes in terms of economy-society and defence-security, he noted.

Those outcomes have proved the Party and State’s right policy of mobilising the army’s participation in economic development, Thang affirmed.

He said the army must combine economic and defence activities so as to carry out the task of developing and protecting the nation. Its production and economic activities must be strictly managed in line with the law and not affect the army’s training and combat readiness.

Echoing the view, other participants in the discussion said the army must simultaneously improve its combat strength and economic activities, thereby contributing more to Vietnam’s resources and strength.-VNA