CommunicAsia 2019: Imprint of ‘Make in Vietnam’ technology products hinh anh 1Display space for products of Vietnam’s technology firms at CommunicAsia 2019 (Source: MIC)

Hanoi (VNA) – At the ongoing CommunicAsia 2019 in Singapore, ‘Make in Vietnam’ technology products on display made a strong impression on visitors.

The exhibition CommunicAsia 2019 themed “Connect the Future” from June 18 - 20 in Singapore is one of the largest information and communication technology event in the region.  The event presents the latest technologies that help information and communication technology companies in Asia to evolve and maintain a competitive edge in the communication and digital world.

According to the Vietnam Ministry of Information and Communications, this year’s exhibition featured about 2,000 pavilions from 70 countries and territories.

The exhibition focused on three main topics, namely solutions for 5G, smart cities and connected devices/vehicles, and narrow band IoT (internet of thing).

The Vietnam Pavilion hosted by the Ministry of Information and Communications of Vietnam made a strong impression on visitors with the introduction of products and solutions researched, designed and developed in Vietnam with trade mark “Make in Vietnam”.

At the Vietnam Pavilion, visitors experienced latest telecom and digital technology products and services such as MobiFone’s solutions, FRAI (Face Recognition Artificial Intelligence), ORAI (Object Recognition Artificial Intelligence), oversized and overloaded vehicle detecting and weighing system, facial recognition and time checking solution, traffic monitoring system, MobiFone IoT system, 3C solutions, MegaMeeting and mSale.

CommunicAsia 2019: Imprint of ‘Make in Vietnam’ technology products hinh anh 2The booth of MobiFone at CommunicAsia 2019. (Photo: VietnamPlus)

Meanwhile, the Vietnam Post and Telecommunications Group (VNPT) brought its outstanding technological products and solutions to the event such as IoT Smart Connected Platform (SCP). This is the only common platform to research and develop applications, providing services for many fields, supporting connectivity of devices from different suppliers. Other applications on display are cloud computing, margin computing and latest technologies, SCP that is capable of connecting, receiving, managing, building and distributing applications, IoT devices, objects and estates on the Internet in a prompt, effective and time and cost saving manner.

Based on the SCP platform, a series of applications in the sector launched by VNPT like management in transportation, agriculture, environment, smart housing, health monitoring and caring in the healthcare sector, operation and supervision in factory, along with the telecomunications group such as GPON ONT, Modem ADSL, Wifi Router.

The Vietnam Post and Telecommunications Group also introduced at the event its latest technological products to consumers such as ground receiving device DVB-T2, Smartphone Vivas S3, convenient entertainment devices for families Smartbox, SmartBox PC.

CommunicAsia 2019: Imprint of ‘Make in Vietnam’ technology products hinh anh 3The display area of the VNPT at CommunicAsia 2019. (Photo: VietnamPlus)

CommunicAsia, the largest telecommunications exhibition in Asia, is an opportunities for businesses in Vietnam to seek global partners and customers for technological solutions and products, and have access to new business models in the digital economy and the fourth Industrial Revolution.

It also helps promote trading activities with the technology community and businesses around the world while discussing latest technologies like 5G, AI, AR, VR, Robotic, Blockchain, IoT, and Big data.

CommunicAsia, together with BroadcastAsia, and the new NXTAsia, form ConnecTechAsia – the region’s answer to the converging worlds of Telecommunications, Broadcasting and Emerging Technologies.

The organising board said the CommunicAsia 2018 drew more than 30,000 visitors during its three-day course.

At the event, Vietnam ran a national space spanning 100 square metres.The Vietnamese space, organised by the Ministry of Information and Communications, gathered representatives from the Vietnam Association for Information Processing, Vietnam Post and Telecommunication (VNPT), MobiFone, and MQ ICT Solutions. It displayed the latest information and communications technology developed by Vietnamese engineers./.