Deputy Prime Minister Vu Duc Dam, Head of the Steering Committee on the Search and Repatriation of Remains of Fallen Soldiers has urged relevant agencies to promote the use of mass media communication for the search of martyrs’ remains nationwide to create an integrated campaign in the society.

The Ministry of Information and Communication was asked to direct press agencies, portals of the ministries, and localities to upgrade their information quality and open specialised pages to share their experience in searching and gathering the remains of fallen soldiers.

Meanwhile, central and local radio and television stations were requested to increase length and number of broadcast programmes informing residents about the “Di tim dong doi” (looking for comrades) show.

According to reports made by the Committee, which is also known as the Steering Committee 1237, as many as 1,108 sets of soldiers’ remains were gathered both at home and abroad in 2014, of which 329 sets were collected in Laos and 945 sets came from Cambodia.

Reports also revealed that the Ministry of Defence transferred over 208,000 pieces of information about military units and received 36,959 other provisions about martyrs to use in the search for the remains of fallen soldiers.

Since 2012, 6,093 sets of remains have been gathered, fulfilling the hopes of martyrs’ families and contributing to ensuring political and social order in localities.-VNA