Community-based communication activities and prevention measures have proved effective in reducing human trafficking in the central border province of Nghe An.

The Women’s Union in Nghe An began the activities in 2012 in the mountainous districts of Con Cuong, Tuong Duong, Que Phong and Quy Chau, where many girls and women have fallen victims to trafficking due to poverty and poor knowledge.

The union has held group talks and provided newspapers and leaflets to local women on how to recognize and avoid the tricks employed by traffickers. The union has also worked with the local law enforcement to keep a close eye on vulnerable groups and suspect individuals, while providing financial support and vocational training for returning victims to settle down.

Since early this year, as many as 28 training courses for nearly 1,500 locals on the rights of migrant workers have been conducted, in the context of increasing number of Nghe An residents moving to Laos for work.

Additionally, a number of workshops have been held across the province to enhance labourers’ legal understanding and capacity to protect themselves when working in other countries.

In the coming years, Nghe An authorities plan to boost vocational training and develop craft villages to create jobs, thus improving income and living condition for residents in rural and remote areas.-VNA