After ending last year on a high note, many listed companies have started to plan for more profit growth in 2015.

TMT Automobile Company (TMT) expressed high hopes for 2015 that are reflected in its ambitious financial targets. The company expects to sell nearly 7,900 vehicles this year, almost triple its 2014 sales of over 2,900.

Revenue is also projected to more than double from last year, rising from 1.38 trillion VND (64.5 million USD) to nearly 3.1 trillion VND (144.1 million USD). Its 2015 net profit prospect climbed from 62.2 billion VND (2.9 million) USD in 2014 to 150 billion VND (7 million USD) by this year-end.

Tan Tao Investment Industrial Company (ITA) posted impressive performance last year with pre-tax profits expected to reach 108 billion VND (5 million USD), a rise of 20 percent over its yearly goal. This year, the company aims to double or triple revenue and profit, in addition to achieving dividend payouts of 12-15 percent.

The company has completed negotiations with partners from Taiwan (China) and Japan to lease land at its two industrial parks, Tan Tao and Tan Duc. The land handover is expected to finish early this year.

Ho Chi Minh City Infrastructure Investment Company (CII) has also approved its 2015 business plan, which sets a revenue goal of nearly 3.15 trillion VND (147.2 million USD) and aims for 462 billion VND (21.6 million USD) in after-tax profit.

At the end of 2014, the infrastructure developer expected to earn 380 billion VND (17.8 million USD) in after-tax profit, surpassing its yearly target of 63 percent, and predicted paying at least 20 percent in dividends this year.

Imexpharm Corporation (IMP) hiked its 2015 revenue growth by around 16 percent, rising from over 907.5 billion VND (42.4 million USD) to 1.05 trillion VND (49 million USD). Its pre-tax profit is expected to hit 130 billion VND (6 million USD).

Last year, the pharmaceutical company reported net profit of 85.5 billion VND (4 million USD), an increase of 41 percent over the target.-VNA