The Vietnam Association of Architects and the Association of Architects of Italy’s Genoa province will jointly organise a competition for redevelopment of the most representative areas of Hanoi’s Old Town.

The areas will be Dong Kinh Nghia Thuc Square , Hang Dao Street and surrounding areas.

The competition, to be launched on May 20, aims to collect project proposals that provide answers in terms of environmental restoration, urban, architectural and traffic asset in accordance with the retail and craft activities, especially relating to the design of public space.

It will also promote partnership between Italian and Vietnamese architects.

The materials required will be three drawings representing the proposals to enhance the areas of ​​ the historical centre studied by each candidate.

All information, dates and materials provided by the organisers will be available and downloadable from the website for the competition, which will be operating from the date when the competition is launched.

The awards ceremony will be held in Hanoi on October 10, coinciding with the celebration of the liberation of Hanoi. -VNA